Monday, July 11, 2011

bitter and sweet

Just done reading some love articles..
all articles touched my heart, true story or not,
It means so much for me...

It never been a easy task to maintain a relationship
But how are people going to deal with it?
people fail alot times before they learn how to love others

The only way to retain oneself's confidence,
never touched too much by emotion and feelings,
because nothing goes better after all.

learn to love yourself,
improve from mistakes,
that's is what human born to do..

never walk through the same road where you fell
I know how it feels, how it hurts,
so, I rather shut my mouth and do more than talk

I control my life.
My life changed when I wan it to be changed.
I learnt from mistake, from others mistake.

some girls meant to be appreciated.

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