Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Work on things that I might regret 5 years later

"Live for purpose."
Mark Zurkerberg mentioned during Harvard's 366th Commencement.

If you yet realise the purpose of living,
spend your entire life seeking for it.

Entrepreneurs create things,
build organisation,
innovate the current business model.

Losers love to talk big, ambitious with little affords.
They seek for easy life, but always get drown in other's organisation.
They have many opinions and views but don't tolerate criticism
End of the day, everything remains.
They say they weren't as lucky as you.

Listening how well others doing doesn't put me down,
most of the successful stories inspire me,
even though the story was told by my competitor.

I understand my current situation,
we were been in this culture for long time,
long enough that everyone is so forgetful what's the purpose of doing it.

I was thinking over, and over again.
What can I do to make a change in the current situation.
The burden lies on my shoulder when I realise,
any decision made could change the history of my company,
Any implementation make a change on the outcome.
be it human resource, marketing or strategy.
And history will judge me.

I work harder now.
I become more dedicated.
I made a promise to myself.
-work on something that enhance the business each and everyday-

I implement staffs that's insane or funny as others see it.
Yet, I truly believe on my rationale.
That's why I build myself esteem through education and professionalism.
I don't stop or feel like discouragement.
Knowing that there are many people out there trying to stop me, expecting me to fail.
So, I decided to play a bigger role and stay independence on my thoughts.
I do things that I think it's right.

The big plan begin with accomplishing every single details of it.
I put a TO DO LIST on the white board.
Revise it everyday, and slowly accomplishing it.
From interior design to outside,
Printing banner, name card, revise on price lists, consultations fees.
Marketing, promotion, events.
From meeting suppliers to meeting other professionals on their respective fields.
From hard approach of management to getting everyone a sense of teamwork.
Social media, to customer relationship activities, to innovation on services,
Upgrading the benchmark of our professionalism,
Quality checking on every single pair of finished spectacle, targeted less than 1 mm of misalignment.
From operation excellence to stock management and rearrangement,
Customer services began with a big smile, greeting and identifying the problems.
WOW experiences. Appointment book. relaxing music.

Step by Step, I don't mess with it.
I understand the plan the most.
Of cause I do, I wrote the business plan.

To build a branding, we need to perform outstandingly.
We need discriminate from the general service.
We need to understand the critical success factors.
We need to know how to creates values to our customers.
Most importantly, delivering it to the targeted segmentation who appreciate it.

The goal is clear, progressing, and monitoring by me.
History will judge me.
And I'm ready for the judgement.

Dedicating to my career, 
doesn't mean I don't appreciate Work Life Balance
Even though I'm not keen for now, 
I knew that I truly deserve it.


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