Tuesday, November 18, 2008

18 november 08 [Start here]

looks~ this is my new blog~ XD
Aim: To record all the happiness and sadness so that I will never forget these memory.

I do have a blog in friendster, But I found that bloging here is much easier and faster compare to friendster ( ofcause the setting and function is more variable) =)


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Anonymous said...

since u requested my comment... i'll give u ur 1st comment hehe^^
Well, i thought u say u mean it when u started tis relationship v her...(although i'm doubted it...opps)so i was a bit surprised it ended...
But...if u think tis is the right thing do(although i doubt it was u who ended it...haha)... i'll fully support u hehe...juz hope both of u will get pass it n think it as sweet memories u both once had...