Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Long time ago~ there is a boy, he is a very talkative boy, and he like to join with ppl and talk nonsense, he was active~ he do have a lot of friends, but he don't like study~ but he love sporty... Althought he doesnt like to read, the friends around him influence him little bit by little bit~ he never feel the feeling lonely...he is a optimistic person.... A great change? A wrong choice? changed his life~

moon : aiyo~ what the hell~ u had made ur disision, then face it la~ no " turn back" such thing la...
jy : i was wondering, is it the situation changed myself? into a darkside?
moon : lame la u~ i saw 1 of ur blog said that u wont changed my situation? why u so easily lose
to the environment?? u shuld learn to stand alone! do the task alone! learn to be more indenpandance!!! that the challenge part~ this is a good training lesson to u~ ^^

或许, 要在这种环境下我才可以更加独立。。。

i will miss u all.. everytime....nomatter how the world changed... i will never give up... we will meet at the top of the mountain... jia you! my friends.

still remember that time we spot check? the students faces is unforgetable parts XD

Still remember? no matter who teaching infront, tired = sleep!!

trip to penang~ o li tou fo

is not easy to find a singer to be our background~

dota champian~ yeah~

Don't bit me!! Lukcy that time i insist not giving the phone to u~ tis is so....haha~

~the end~


朱泗豪 said...

Pity Wei Khang. Next time dont trust your friend so easily. lolz

jy said...

xD haha~ who ask ur sleep in the class!!!!