Sunday, February 1, 2009

Special for you~ Grandmom~

This chinese New year was.... so boring~ T_T

Every year, i will spent my new year will my family... i will be given at least 5days to 1 week holidays...and i able to go back hometown and celebrate with my cousin, grandmom and grand father But, tis will be a differences new years for me.. i spend my time with my school in this chinese new year(2009) i will forever remember it~

well anyway, 不幸中的大幸~lucky, my grandmom stay at home and accompany me... i m not alone =.=ll ?

Thank you so much ya~ my grand m

Everyday, she like to care something that is non of her buniness...
Everyday, she like to useup a lot of water to clean the thing that she think is dirty, eventhought is not~
Everyday, she like to shouting at us, to stop us do something that SHE think is not right

The day i stay at home with her, i can feel the loneness in
her heart, she was 80 something now. she still care a lot for this family, just, we don't actually appeciate it. she need ppl to talk with her, but no ppl willing... she wan to make sure the place were clean, so that the bacteria not effected us. but we scold at angry about that... she care too much for us, is for our own good! i was guilty....I always think alot when i was alone... who will not become old? i will, u will, everyone will. i m sorry grandmom~ happy chinese new years...

 << wo de po po ~


Anonymous said...

yeah, i totally agree with u. she is so boring at home, but she never complain. she treats us good, but we never spend time to talk to her.

she tries her best to do her role. she does house chores, wants to let herself have something to do and not just sit at home wait n wait for nothing. Although we dont agree some of her weird habit, but she is so old, hard for her to change. we must understand.

sometimes, i try to talk to her, but dont know what to say.

Just want to say that, poh poh, we LOVE u !~~

jy said...

yea~ thx for ur comment~ i represent po po to thx u~ btw.. the last sentence. i think it will works better if u tell her verbally~ XD