Monday, May 18, 2009

Bukit jalil

Where got ppl go Jogging early in the morning de!? I rather sleep at home~ zzzz

Normally, I will say like that.

One day, 1 of my fren, mr.Josh.
He suddenly says that he wan to start exercise while he found out that his Blood pressure Is Higher than average!

We stare at him.
Laughing at him.

A guy who doesnt like sport since i know him, perhaps, hates sport.
Suggested to go exercise!!

Ofcause, i strongly agree with that (well, i m so boring at home)

6 am~ Before the sun raise! I wake up~ feeling so tired~ >.<
No matter how, Keep on frens~ I will fully support this meaningful exercise! ^^v

OK.ok. i know very messy~ zzz BUT, i m fedup with it ! ~ chin chai la~ xD

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