Wednesday, May 6, 2009

WHY dota?

What Is the Advantages Of playing DOTA? ? ?

1. To Gain Teamwork.

Teamwork Is very important to accomplish A goal! We must Learn that since we were YOUNG. and We can Also realise that SOLO is harder to achieve the target compare to work with A team!!

2. To Gain Friendship.

Dota actually Produce Friendship 1 ! We chat about DOTA at school. As we communicate, we actually gaining relationship at the moment! Also! Dota is so popular that Almost 80% of the Teens used to play. SO, when u go to a NEW place, Dota can be a great topic to START a friendship OR to make NEW friends WITH same hobby~ LOL
Even, after WE all graduateed. We still come OUT for DOTA, We still playing Dota At ggc.
It works IN building and keeping a Relationship! really, Dota-er, U know what i talking about. haha~

3. To Realise that Success actually need HARD work!

Used to play like NOOB. Used to Feed like shit. Used to Blame by Teammate!
I now realised that, we actually need to prastice and prastice to reach a SO called "pro" or playing a Useful role in A team. There is no SHORT cut IN life! We must work hard to Improve Our ability!

4. To Learn how TO sacrifice. For A Bigger BeneFiT!

I prefer AGI hero. WHile i Hate INT. but sometime, the situation NEEDS me to use INT HERO For the advantages of the GAME, Althought I NOT really Like it, but TO Victory. AND, TO produce Greater HAppiness Of Greater Amount Of people! I will USE it.

Same Things IN our daily Life, We need to learn HOW to sacrifice Some self-interest TO achieve something more IMPORtant!


As I Having HOlidays NOW. As a Human Being wHo are Damn Boring. Dota Is a good Activity to pass Spend MY time FASTER!

Holiday SIEN untill ....
UNtill... I writen down all this stupid stuff.
ARH~ !


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Eugene said...

these are all the truth.. lol. juz that 'they' donno.