Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Out Of control~ I'm totally out of control to myself!

WTF I'm doing now~



I have wasted so much time. Oh man.
count from today, I still have 1 and a half month to go before i start my degree~
Omg. How shuld I use my time, so called Wisely???

Blog lesser now~ nothing special happen In my Life Now... T-T
It can be discribed by using the word "black and white"

If Holiday always like this I rather dun wan a Holiday.....
Too addicted to Dota, It really makes me crazy.
Everyday, Play Dota " A U T O M A T I C A L L Y " I got totally out of my control.
My brain never ask. why u do so? why u switch on ur laptop? why u On Garena?
My hand will Switch on laptop, and the action with bring out without passing through my brain.....


Thx to my school.... Intake on august....

Thank you. u make my life so black and white....

I will appreciate...


shuld be replaced by =(

My unforgetable Holiday ~

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