Thursday, July 2, 2009


Never remember people's birthday, even my dad and mom
Date, doesn't mean anything to me.
I'm lazy. Or i think that is not necessary.
I'm sure other people will memorize it for me~
I thought.

I'm so weak~

she changed me..
Influence me to make use of date ~
To memorize something...
Because, If i forgot. no people will remember it.

Losing her, My life doesn't assist emotion.
I can control my emotion very well, without her....

memories are sweat,
memories are cruel,

no matter what.
I will never intended to forget...


closing my eye, listening my music,
thinking of something...
I will down...

open my eye, close the blog,
I realized, I still have a long journey to go~

M3mori3s Ar3 always b3autiful- 2-7-07

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