Friday, August 15, 2014

A Journey not to success, but closer.

I'm still who I am.
Thing doesn't change,
if they does, they change for a reason.

I'm here to announce.
I worked here more than 1 year already,
Well, I survived

How much bad comments has been given in this company,
I almost put myself into this environment for 1 year,
with tears, with laughters, and suffocation.
Good or bad, I understand it most.
Yet, I'm still from a outsider's perspective looking at it.

I would like to list down things I have done awesomely and endlessly here so I could bear in mind forever.
Good habits suppose to be practised constantly doesn't matter of where you go, what you do.

Experiences to be remembered
1. Multitasking: Work as not only optometrist, but also compulsory to help up consultation role, filing, repairing, doctor personal assistant, call patient and confirm the next day appointment, prepare treatment list
2. Centre decoration for Chinese New year, Christmas, world sight day
3. Presentations: Our Unique Eye, My Next Chapter, Carnival Chinese New Year, visual field test
4. Movie makers: Congratulation Ampang & Subang, Introduction as newbie,
5. Multi responsibility: Organise carnival Feb'14 & June '14, Organise retreats 2014, Rockstar participation
6. New experiences: Organiser, emcee, Carnival team leader, supervisor for interns
7. Skills enhancement: Clinical skill for kids, communications, handle unlimited working loads, knowledge on cataract, speaking simple hokkien ~

I would phase it "incredible" if boss ask me the same question again.
A tough and uneasy task always make you a better person if you face it positively.
Thank you Vista.
For giving me such a perfect platform to polish my attitudes, behaviour, mindset, and leadership.

It's a very amazing journey, indeed.

For the first time,
I feel great for the sense of accomplishment. 
"The harder you work, the luckier you are."
 I would bear in mind forever.

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