Thursday, March 19, 2009

Genie's story

One Ahbeng politician found a magic lamp while jungle trekking in his kampung ... and like in every freaking Genie story ... he pick it up n rub rub and got one freaking fugly looking genie pop up from no where. This time this genie abit kiamsiap so instead of granting him 3 wishes he only offered him one wish oni.

Ahbeng : Pumpkin kari! Why oni 1 wish? i read all the stories also got 3 wishes one?!!! mana can lidis?!
Genie : Niahma lu ... inflation mah! its lidis one! u dun say so much u want anot now? MCH! you wake 9 me up from my wet dream i notchet kira sama lu ... u sommo want kira with me izzit?
Ahbeng : ok ok soli soli ... i want! i want!
Genie : Faster tell me your wish la ...
Ahbeng : I can wish for anything ar?
Genie : yea anything! I am a very powderful Genie! I grant u your wish can?!
Ahbeng : You know i always habe this problem with my computer ... i do work half way it hang and gimme blue screen then i lost all my unsaved work ...
Genie : You using Window ka?
Ahbeng : Yar i using window .... so i wish you could make my windows crash free from now on!
Genie : wuahh ... choose other thing can ar? This is is abit over my power leh ....
Ahbeng : Pumpkin kari lu! just now say very pahwerful wan?!
Genie : Inflation ma! Pahwer also inflation la!
Ahbeng : niahma ... ok la ok la then my new wish is I wish for the political situation in Perak will go back to normal and be peaceful again like last time.
Genie : WHAT?!!! ......
Ahbeng : How?
Genie : eh .... You bring me home rite now to look at your windows problem leng mou?

[copy right] from ahbeng joke.
Thx, chimei~ haha, thx for ur sharing.

when u feel life is meaningless, or u feel upset, go and see see. It works.

p/s : for rojak people only.

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