Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rumah Juara

Last Last Last... dunno which Friday, I and my moral group members went to orphan home to visit the orphans located at Pj. Well, Of cause the reason is to fulfill my group assignment. Eh, I'm not going to say HOW generous m i. or how kindness m i . or HOW good m i. just wanna to share some of my photo taken there ~ lol~

Are they friendly? definitely.

are they cute? of cause.

what about cooperative? sure~

Joyful? maybe.

naughty? unfortunately. yes, kids ma~ ^^

Home for Underprivileged Children? who is responsible for it!

surprisingly, many of the children there tell me that they their parents still alive.
Just that, their parents not able to take care of them or mayb divorced?
Well, i was shocked. As my knowledge, orphan home is for the children who have no parents.

Why the parents can just put children here if they still alilve!
ok. all the parents around the world have to work. all need to find money to support the family.

That is not a good reason to put ur children there rite?! wtf.
Don't u realise that the love of family is very important for a child to have a healthy growth?!
Did ur ever ask ur children willing to stay together with parents in a poor family
Stay in a orphan home ??

I'm really pity of the children. i personally can not accept that.
No matter how, I hope that they can success in life.
And prove to their parents who abandon them.

P/s: few of them play dota de oh! and I gave them my GG acc.
Find me for dota. I will wait U all!

treat them as part of the society? Yes we did!


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