Thursday, April 23, 2009

think simple, speak lesser, live happier.

Sometime, we can feel something. We can think of something.
From someone's actitude, way of speaking. Based on our common senses.
We know what there think, what their objective of doing something.

We cant speak everything we Felt, We tought.
And because I doubt. I got no prove, just... it is a hypothesis
Without experiment.

In some way we speak, we can accidentally hurt someone, we don't know.
[all just because they admit]

Always, there are optians,
Chose keep the secret.
Chose not to hurt someone.
Chose to accomplish his/her goal.


Chose to tell everything.
Chose to say what u think. what u feel.

Of cause, u must responsible for ur choice.

Moon: Jy, always control the way u speak.

Me: But, this is my style. do i need to change? why?

Moon: Because, in this world, everyone include u don't like people to disagree with u.
We all born in a egoism state.

Me: but...

Moon: no but. chose, u wan to gain more friends or lost more friends. u wan people to respect u or not. u got no choice. accept and change. make sure everyone is happy with u. u must adapt.

Me: ... fine.

Realised that I in stage 3 of the cognitive moral development.
conventional level
- good boy good girl image
- good behavior/ fullfill expectations.

[think more simple, speak lesser, live happier.]

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