Monday, July 20, 2009

What A life?

2 more week to go.

After 3 month holiday, finally, come to the end.
Is this so call enjoy life?

Still remember while I was secondary, holiday is so desperate needed.

How to define "enjoy" I always mess up myself.
3 month of successive holiday.
I finally find out...
Everything I do, Is to enjoy, make my life more colorful.

Try to find something to do... keep trying...
jogging, gym, game, yamcha,
I force myself to participate.
Hope my time can pass through more easily...
Just wander, Is everyone's holiday same as mine?

2 more week, I will start my degree.
I don't know what feeling I should apply.
happy? or sad? or perhaps excited?

Fortunately, I have my own plan.
I never stop, never...
sometime, we need to rest a while,
Not to skive, but is to conserve more stamina to walk longer...

I never forget my aim.
enjoy everything.

Life Is to Enjoy, how long can u survive?
Don't regret at the moment u laying on the hospital's bed.

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