Monday, July 27, 2009

What a life 2

6 more days to go....

6 more.....

Never think it happened so fast... Flying time is pretty scary....
Time passes so fast... I'm going to degree...
This subject will determine the rest of my life....
Do I made a right choice? I always believe that...
Sometime, Believe is very far from fact...

What will I be after 4 years?
What I expected I can do after I finished my degree?
What Kind to life I want?
Can I successfully finish it?

I believe plan Is important.

This silence night...
Calm down,
Listening to my heart....
Asking myself, Is this what you want?
Asking myself the same thing.
keep asking~

Only the people who understand what he/she needs will carry the sincerity and motivation to go toward the goal.

I like this... I will do this!

Actually I'm not a top academic student, neither a smart student.
Being so confuse while I was in secondary.
Taking it so simple. so easy.
Wasted too much time in that period.

Life always like that~

When you feel sick, you will realize why Healthy So Important.



Thanks a lot...

Thanks for this 3 month~
your accompanies will be my best motivation and encouragement.

No need to explain this,
people who likes you will understand.
people who doesn't, won't care.

People says,
Friend is to impose.

Sometime, I think is correct.
Sorry for being so selfish.

But, I personally think...

Some Kind of friends you can never find in somewhere else.
The friends speak without wearing a mask.
Do what you want in front them, or perhaps do what you like to do.
You won't feel embarrassing when you telling they flaw, and criticize on their bad habits.

After my secondary life. I realized who is my friends and who are just my passer.

How to react with people,
I guess I do have this slightly stronger ability....
After my college life...

All people needs you to treat differently, make sure they happy with the way you treat them. Then, they will treat you back the way you like them to treat you.

After I start my school.
I believe the time we meet each other will be lesser.
So sorry being so disturbing to all of you.
I know you guys have your own life,
Studying, working, facing exam...

1 more time.
Thanks a lot ^^

I do appreciate


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