Saturday, July 27, 2013

It's time to do thing alittle bit more seriously.

My father started his career from bottom of the roof, and so I do.

From a easy or hard way, I'm still going to learn this lesson.
I know, early or late, I'm going to do it myself one day.
Rich or poor, I'm already prepare to experience both.
Want or not, I made my decision to put me into this condition.

Plan is clear and precise as I told you.
Step by Step.
Nothing changed from the plans.
There's a reason for what it named.

Someone says,
foolish or sturburn.
Idiot as called or blur.
lost or dependance.

I will prove everything was wrong.
At least from my perspective.
Because you never know how much perseverance I have. 
until I do it. 

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