Sunday, February 9, 2014

I'm okay.

I saw an uncle riding on a motobike,
Old and dirty, seems like he just back from his working.
He grabs my attention, because I'm sympathy on him.
wandering, why would he still working at this age.

When the traffic light turns red, he stops his motobite
ENGINE dies off.
It's engine is old and he's unable to start it back.
for some time, people behind honk-ing him.
I passed him.

Poor uncle.

Poor or Rich.
How would the world looks like from poor people's perspective, what about rich people?

I'm currently a poor one. I admit it.
With low income, and renting a small room out there.
Working as an optometry doesn't make you a rich guy.
But planning and saving is still a must doesn't matter I'm a poor or rich.

Saw an article in an restaurant, talk about self esteem. 

It says, every decision, every idea, and action came from yourself.
It changed everything about you. and you are responsible to all your thoughts, action, decision.
It seems like, you decide what personality you are and how your life is always manage by your own. 
Hey, so Stop. and think. then plan. 

Once I said, look things from different perspective.
I explained to a maid from Indonesia about Glaucoma, although the whole process seems like talking "duck and chick". I don't give up explaining to the simplest until she understand it, most challenging part it's that the conversation is in MALAY.
She did her visual field examination perfectly under my guide eventually.

One born in rich will not understand how precious money, and time is.
One born in poor do not learn to appreciate knowledge, and wisdom.
Only rich people born from poor family, know the precious of life.
Rich or Poor, I'm ready to experience both.

Do you remember.
You once said, you don't want to look fool because admit he's looking an relationship with you.
You once said, believe in you. you don't want to look like a prisoner.
You once said, you lost of freedom and personal life.

But you can't say it anymore.
Unless you can explain to me.
The deal will never faded. until it's done.

Now at this moment.
I'm okay.

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