Sunday, February 1, 2009

i am a human? 习惯就好~她笑着说。。。

Do any know the strongest and the weakest tool of human? 

I think, probably is adaption. at least i think so, 

The obvious advantage, 

human can become the strongest animal in this world, because they can adapt the world, they able to change themself easily, no light? they create light,they can change themself due to the change of the environment. not like ants, or other animals, they can not survive at some area. on the contrary. all around the world, there are humans, because we got the ability to "adapt" .... but.... 

Always, there is a advantage and disadvantage...

As a human...!

Adaption can change the human originality,they will not be pure anymore. they will change base on the change of the environment... many people can change to become very bad because the need money ? to steal? many people will change to become very good or generous infront of their lover?
people will change to become very quite when all people were quite? people can change to become selfish, when all the people around were selfish also? so, F××k rite....

like me, i become not very friendly and become more selfish. because the enviroment has changed me.the people had changed me 

Everyone come to the world in a pure state, then start influenced by this evil world~because they can adapt...

the more intelligent you obtain. the more selfish you are.

I always believe on this sentences. from a difference personality can change very easily to others. i has changed my originity... by the environment

Adaption is.......... dangerous


哇哈哈~ 初六~ Every chinese year, my dad <as a boss> haha~will belanja his worker to eat, to encourage them on the new day of working, a person who playing a important role of his life,his son, wakaka, sure i will go and eat la~



wao~ so sweet meh

my pretty mother!

seafood "s"


 my elder sister..

<the end>

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allen ph@.@n said...

human life is oway like this...u need to adapt it...but is change to b gud...the life still long so keep it on...^^