Monday, April 6, 2009

How to make Biodiesel??

My dear chemistry and biology lecturer, Mr. Andrew gave us an opportunity to design our own experiment. We are requested to think one experiment to be done. Any experiment related to chem and bio (of cause).Whereby, the experiment should be done within 12 weeks.

As, it is totally differences compare to secondary/ primary school. (Experiments are always set-up by teacher, which the result is always contented.)

As, it consist 30marks out of 100.

As, we are not scientists.

It wasnt easy.

Struggle~ struggle~

I ask: Can we make some “liquid” which is more environmental friendly to replace petrol?! (Intended to be a savior)

He says: If we can. Then we can make a conclusion that all the scientists are bullish.

I said: ok! Let’s prove that all scientists are bullish!!

With some basic research.

We started our “self designed” experiment, namely, how to make biodiesel.

Aim: To make biodiesel out of household corn-oil, peanut oil, wasted oil.

Hypothesis: Biodiesel can be produced by using the Dr pepper technique.

Manipulated: Type of oil
Constant: Volume of oil, the procedure of the experiment.

Responding: The presence of biodiesel
Material and apparatus: peanut oil, methanol, sodium hydroxide, heater, glass rod,
500ml beaker, thermometer, Mc Cartney bottle,


1. Measure 250mL of corn oil.

2. For the preparation of oil, burn the oil to 55 ‘c.

3. If 3g of sodium hydroxide is prepared and mixed with 62.5g methanol.

4. Then, stir the methanol and sodium hydroxide until it dissolve.

5. Pour the warm oil and methoxide into the Mc Cartney with filter funnel.

6. Shake the oil 4 times per hours. Each time the oil shaked 4-5 sec.

7. Record the result.

RECORD the result? Let's see.

Let's see, 2 layers formed. W
e assume that top layers is biodiesel. and, it is in solid state!

kok wai decided to heat it once more! Still in solid state after it cooled down. =.= teach me how to us e zzz

We tried our best...
- using difference type of oils
- adding antifreeze
- shaking it with difference way

the rightside is biodi
esel, and the left side is ...forgot...
flammable? doesnt seem like.

How was it~ created by kim- poster only
(personally think is suck) xD

Me. kok wai. kim. tanuj.

Of cause, we failed to make biodiesel, due to the limitation of time, resources and research.

Althought we failed to get biodiesel, failed to prove that sciensists are bullshit(who never fail an experiment before!?)
But i learnt how to design our own experiment( ofcause, with the help of Mr. Andrew) Learnt how to organise, time management... bla bla bla... rubbish...

But, I found that I never so concern just for an experiment.


Just because...

We know this is our experiment....

- the end -

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