Sunday, April 12, 2009

Do you hate Malaysia's police?

2.57am. sunday
I'm still not feeling want to sleep.
I must write it down.

My dad went to sabah for badminton competition. He wasnt at home.


Around 2am just now, My aunty (who live at shop) called my mom and says that the alarm at shop is ringing. Without dad's accompany, my mom ask me to accompany and fetch her to shop see what happened there.

I drive her to shop, the alarm is ringing, mom go down, and my aunty come out. close the alarm and look around. no body.

I can feel my mom is nervous and scare. the safety now a day is difference compare to last time. Everyday, we can see from newpaper, robbery, raping, killing. mom scare ofcause.

well, i was worry althought i pretend like ntg. I was thinking, "is it the robbery trying to break the backdoor of my shop...? I wander"

But, tonight is difference, polices were beside the road, they blocking. 2am? I think most probably they trying to catch those motorcyclist who speed on the road.

we, close our alarm. and re-on it, alarm stopped. I n mom went back, on the way back, aunty called again. ok! alarming is ringing again! well, we go back again la. This time I was like, shit! why ya? robberies come back again?

one of the policeman, who dutying beside the road, walk to me,

police: "kenapa ni ?"

I: " ya, mungkin alarm ada masalah"

Police: "alarm sudah berbunyi dua kali?"

I: " mungkin... sebab ada tikus."
I think he joking to me.
Police: " jangan takut, ramai polis berada sini."

his hand holding a ? rifle? (is 32) familar.

I didnt say thank you. he walked away. we went back to home.


I hate them, because i used to corrupted by policeman!! that police took away my 50 ringgit. I talking to phone while driving. ARH! But i must pay him so he not saman me because I'm still P lesen, he threaten me!

But, after today. after the policeman walk to me and concern about me. At that moment, suddenly I feel i was protected, I feel no worry. I'm safe! because got police beside me!
I regretz i didnt say "terima kasih".

mayb, not all the polices are bad,
mayb, some of the fella dirty the image of polis
A contry, especially now, we really need police.

We shouldn't look something from only one perspective, and determine all polices
are not good as what I did. (critical thinker, I'm not)

Conclusion, Althought many malaysians think that all polices are bad. Actually, all polices u met only, because a good police will only appear when u get trouble.

Terima Kasih.


wtf. I think i better sleep now. zzz


Josh said...

Like every other jobs in da world, they are good & bad people. However, in Malaysia, consider yourself lucky for having a chance to meet a good cop.
[ Woah, watch out for ISA.....No worry...P.M. is Nxjib now XD]

jy said...

JOSH!! haha~ ya, i'm unlucky yet lucky, why nxjib abolish jor ISA meh?