Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In fact, you're a coward

Someone that i don't know actually trying to teach me?
I'm pretty sure he isn't my real life friend.
Because he don't understand me.

please... am I know u?
you can criticize on me, but, please tell me who are u ( which is impossible?)
which situation are u mentioning..?
Or else there is no point for me to have further conversation with you...

you're just a coward. agree?
don't agree? look at the mirror. ^^


Kaylie.SookYee said...

what happen?

jy said...

got 1 Anonymous post some comments on my chat box... =.=

sexaddictgirl said...

Hi there, it's funny how we one day come to realize that we've not been thinking critically isn't it? I'm that anonymous person who's been giving you some pretty good advise lately. How sure are you that I'm not your real life friend? How sure are you that I'm not the person who's sitting next to you in class? See, that's how the world works, in mysterious ways - everybody lies.

It's nice of you to use your own words to hit back at me; talking about me looking back at the mirror. Guess again, who's the coward now? Who's the one who has decided to remove his chat box just because he's fearful that this anonymous guest would return to comment. It's simple my dear friend, you're just plain paranoid. Don't think so highly of yourself, asking others what they've done when you've done your own part; are you really that bored at home to the extent that you have nothing to do, or are you just lazy; waiting to push the responsibility to someone else?

If I were really a COWARD, as you say I am, would I still comment on your insignificant post? Only people like you who has no self-esteem would type out such a pathetic post; can't you just accept the criticism yourself? Or are you so afraid and so weak that you need to share this to the whole world, so that others may know how victimized you are? Or is it because you're just that pitiful that you need the compassion of others such as Kaylie over there?

Friend, you've just crossed the line of stupidity; only immature individuals like you have such infirm mindsets with such unripe thoughts. Have a nice day then Jun Yuan, don't think so highly of yourself, you'll just shoot yourself in the foot and dig your own grave in the end.

jy said...

haha~ I thought u would leave ur real name here, once more, thx for ur comment.

I'm the one who decide to close the box. ^^
so what?
i got no fear, I must tell u...
I just wan u to comment by using ur real name. I'm so sure u will come back.
who knows that u go and create a new account. LOL!

and ya, dun try to insult any of my friends in my school.

lastly, I guess I can figure it out who are u... take care.
get a life, coward ^^

Kwen said...

jy bro! hami su? tml badminton ya!

sexaddictgirl said...

1st of all, why do I ever bother to reveal my true identity to you? You're not even worth my time.

Secondly, I didn't even insult your friends in my previous comment; do you even know how to differentiate an insult from an analogy? Guess not, based on your incompetence in writing.

Lastly, get a life my friend, if you really know who I am, then come confront me in real life? Who's the coward now? haha.

Guess it isn't that easy trying to live a life of someone else isn't it? I guess that the world is fair, if you have done wrong unto others, I guess Karma would bite you back in the ass. It's alright jun yuan, since you already know who I am, come talk to me if you dare. You're the one in the wrong, not me, if you really aren't as cowardly as you say you are, then come face me.

"Are You a Critical Thinker?" I guess you better ask yourself this question before you ask this to anyone else, based on how I see you, you're the one who's so feeble minded, leaching off the success of others and trying to make it your own.

Yours Sincerely,
An Angry & Frustrated Friend

khLau said...

hey jy, coward are those who dare not to show their face, criticize others without revealing their identity. if u're so dare enough, don't hide, be a man. Stop just barking, u need to bite some times, if u dare enough. ;) now only i know, telling ppl your name is considered as wasting time. ur time worth to be wasted in telling all these craps, but not worthy enough to tell your name?

sexaddictgirl said...

hohoho, look who do we have here, mr. bread face seems to have a lot to say with his broken English. Mr. KH Lau right? Great to know you, this issue is between me and Jun Yuan; it doesn't concern you.

Talking about biting seems a lil too much for someone of your stature; well, at least I can bark, but I choose not to bite. Unlike you Mr. Lau; you can neither bark nor bite; all you can do is just sit aside and be a social outcast.

Stay out of this Eugene; there are some lines that are not meant to be crossed, don't add fuel to the fire if you can't even put it out. You play with fire, you get burned.

khLau said...

ha ha.. at least i wont leave a comment without telling my name. you think too highly of yourself d. what are you? coward. come find me if u dare

Cm said...
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SK Ding said...

bro, that coward too small for us to see la. need microscope. or maybe need to apply sarfus technique some more in order to see this small creature. so, dont waste time to look for him la. just a coward.

Elaine said...
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Elaine said...
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Jamie said...

1) Go get a life
2) U are what we term as "Wata Sohai"
3) Are u sure you came out of your mum's cunt head first?
4) U eating faeces for meals? because what you write smells
5) Its ok to be a coward sohai...just make sure you follow it thru all your useless friggin life
6) Dun control others when you cunt accept the same treatment
6) Dun try to be funny with me because I can kick your arse blindfolded you sonofabiatch...try me if you dare and I guarantee your mum won't recognize you when u walk thru her door

Lastly, everyone should treat they loved ones with respect...in fact, it is only human to do so...trying to control the life and actions of others is not a God given right. I suggest this...use your fucking head to think what you should do/say the next time before causing hurt to your loved one.

Lastly, please come and suck my dik.

Thank you for reading you sonofabitchsohai

Elaine said...

wow, its so surprising that we have a similar brainless creature like WW here!
i tot already extinct.
but seems ders a slight different from Dr wang.
she is a human, but this is a dog, since its barks!:)
Well,sounds like a female, A BITCH I guess. :)