Saturday, October 24, 2009

I hesitate

Should I continues to write my own feeling in my small littles infamous blog...
How come people who I don't know tend to read my personal things ...
yet, criticizing on me?

We are right. He is just a pity coward.
Someone lack of love. friends' love, or girlfriends' love.
Someone who are jealous on my life.
someone who can't think critically.
Someone who tend to show off his writing skill with no point.

friend, I do not tend to make any enemy in this society.
think probably, save your time. find something better to do.
don't try to control everything.
don't think that everyone has the same childish mindset as u have.
don't try to fool around me with your stupidity.
Because it doesn't work on everyone.
This concept only works on her.

you said,

"Don't think so highly of yourself, asking others what they've done when you've done your own part"

" are you really that bored at home to the extent that you have nothing to do, or are you just lazy; waiting to push the responsibility to someone else?"

"You play with fire, you get burned."

"you've just crossed the line of stupidity; only immature individuals like you have such infirm mindsets with such unripe thoughts."

"you'll just shoot yourself in the foot and dig your own grave in the end."

now, I wan to return all this sentences to u.
I guess its matched u the most. not me.

I will be happy if u give some advises to me.
I'm not the someone who not effort to accept criticizes.
But, before you do that.
please tell me who are u...
which situation are u mentioning..

good luck. enjoy the music. get a life.


Elaine said...

woots! XD

SK Ding said...

bro, good. u r man.

Kaylie.SookYee said...

I like it. =D

jy said...

SK Ding> thx for ur support =)
sookyee> =p

:+:lihyun:+: said...

jun yuan, u has ur right to write everything in ur own blog. cheers :)


Kaylie.SookYee said...

not sincere la u.. din even thanks me for mentally support u!