Friday, October 16, 2009

today is friday, today is a good day

"we got 1 rat inside our body.
That is pancreas.
because it has head,neck,body and tail. " he says.

he added,
" u can joke, but dun over the limit. Or I will take action, and u will feel bad." something like that.
the way he spoke really impressive, It works so efficiently to control the class, and not giving a bad image to the students. In conclusion, he is pro, he is good.

Never regret that day.
Insisting to learn guitar.
It's benefiting me.
joyful, and feeling so good while playing it.

just boring and click on pps, randomly chose 1 movie to watch....
My god!

feeling So great after watching the movie "yes man"
say yes to everything... u can change ur life...
have such a feeling that life is so colourful!
mean a lot to me!! haha!
the actor so funny somemore! =D

Need to study? ya i need to STUDY
next week is EC3.
anyway, cool~ I can do it, I always believe that~

yea! I will be jogging tomorrow,
Health is so important!
damn! i mean iT !

Life is colorful, I will always remind myself.

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Elaine said...

It was a good day for me too. Happy friday jun yuan. :)