Thursday, November 12, 2009

The day after tomorrow

Thursday, hot day + cool night.

Human beings are living too comfortable in the earth.
We all are born to enjoy the life, not suffer the life.
When we are suffering. The only thing we can do is.... sick.
so that we can rest.
Sorry, humans are so weak.
*this statement is so sick, forget it*

Today consider a good day. morning.
Although We can't get any tips from biochemistry!
Fine, damn it.
*revenge by not taking photo with her*

Oh ya, I was wearing short pant this morning.
well, unfortunately, he saw it.
I miss HELP so much. I can wear whatever I like.
*ok, who cares about him*

Afternoon, I was having lunch with my mother.
I guess she was surprised by me,
I date her to lunch.
how long I didn't date her for lunch since I had started my Uni life.
sorry mama >.<
*stupid schedule again*

Just bought a basketball for my sister. she was so happy !!
Still, I lie her by saying that the basketball is borrow by my friend.
*kids always easier to feel happy*

Tonight is cold.

good night to myself.
good night to you.


Kaylie.SookYee said...

lame post. =p
however, take care!
Jun Yuan fighting!

jy said...

u also take care~ ^^
Let's fight~ Argh~

Elaine said...

haha! u lie to innocent kid~