Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My lugubrious Uni Life

My gosh! Insufficiency of time!!!
Basically we are given 1 day to prepare our presentation!
Include the slide, the speech, and the topics !

Luckily I lazy enough, haha~
So I can bring back the topics that I used to present in HELP before =p
thanks to HELP Uni Coll~
It trained me...

In overall, I have did it quite good! haha~
At least I contented la~ ^^

Next week is my 1st exam le~
don't know why my classmate all looks very stressful.
mayb majority of them graduated from form6 whereby they all only sit for 1 exam, stpm.
Perhaps the exam is too sudden for them le?
Exam every 4 weeks?
I personally think still reasonable wad.
haha~ Maybe I already make use of it while I was at HELP...

miss HELP Uni so much.....
E- hua, woon jye, damian, Kim fui, chi mei, kok wai, jun hang.... and many HI-BYE friends!

hmm.. Atually I miss the foods more la. haha!
Talk about foods. there is only 1 canteen in my School! shit bo! everyday eat the same thing!!

I miss HELP!!!!

I miss HELP!!!!

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