Friday, August 28, 2009

Enjoy the stresses

My bloody hell schedules... drive me to death!!!

27-8-09 (thursday)

8.00am woke up

9.30am class

12pm exam(biochem)

3pm-5pm physio class

5pm-630pm sitting on car(stupid road system)

7pm dinner + bath

8.30 pm phone (ur voice burst up my stamina -mentally-)

9-11pm study

12am set my alarm 6am(tomorrow 8.30am exam,physio)

Then I fainted


8.35am- phone ringing
Ashley: hey, jun yuan. what time u reach? we all waiting...
I stare to the clock with my half opened eye.
Me: oh shit, I overslept! can u help me to pass the message to the lec!!! pls!

8.30am exam, I woke up at 8.45am... whole classmate waiting for me
Overslept isn't a good reason to late...
But I m too too tired...
I can't heard the alarm (or perhaps I switched it off and cont sleeping)
At the moment I woke up, I'm so sympathetic,nervous, scare and helpless~

Thank you so much my lovely classmates~ ^^v

They requested to postpone the exam till 2pm.
I was like so irresponsible... was I?
But i dun feel guilty, someone even thanks me.
Some of them want to postpone the exam as well...

Anyway, everything is fine now...
The moment I driving back to home,
I was laughing...

Wat a wonderful and excited day~

that's how people enjoy stresses


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